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We invent, develop and build technologies for the energy industry

Other P&A techs

Video above is from testing longitudinally cutting of casing to form a "window". It is using the counter rotating (dual blade) solution as illustrated below. See also info on the "Wellbore Obstruction Penetration" tool.

The technologies we are developing are based on mapping out the main reasons why a costly semi submersible or jack-up rig is mobilized for offshore P&A, where we came up with alternatives achieving the same end goals.

Examples, as listed on the Home page, are

  • The MicroTubeRemover - Will remove the need for pulling wellbore tubing with cables and/or control lines
  • The Annuli Penetration & Test tool - Remove the need for section casing milling, which is typically performed just to verify that there are no annuli leakages towards the surface
  • The Wellbore Obstruction Penetration tool - Will penetrate any wellbore, or wellhead/X-mas tree, obstructions that prevents permanent sealing of the wellbore below. Also will remove tough scale, cut out casing sections to create windows for cement placement, casing exit (slot recovery) and more.
  • The Cut-n-Drop tool - Will cut micro tubes and wellbore tubulars in a controlled and extremely rapid fashion. Can be landed in a subsea tubing hanger for immediately below the hanger cuts, or be deployed to greater depths. Easy to deploy and operate.
  • The Tubular Slicer tool - See below.
  • Near-wellbore heating to establish a creeping shale permanent barrier externally on the casing.

We also have a patent pending on rapid set expandable sealing sleeves that will isolate a tubular, as for example a tubular penetrated for micro tube cutting. These sleeves are necessary to cement a tubing permanently in a casing string, but can of course also be used to seal off tubing to casing leakages caused by malfunctioned sliding sleeves, corrosion, etc.

This technology is low complexity, where low cost and easy to deploy and set are very important design criteria.

Left: Testing tubular slicing. Already, by this testing we have the world record in longitudinal tubing splitting. The new tool will break any record in such!

The Tubular Slicer tool - This pumped wireline tool will longitudinally and circumferentially split wellbore tubing, followed by pushing the segments down into the wellbore. This will enable us to remove a certain length (e.g. 50 meters) of tubing, providing direct access to the production casing. Hence, standard CBL type technologies can be used to check the annulus integrity prior to well abandonment. This tool development involves a new and much safer energetic material for tubular cutting and splitting: A material that will provide significant improvements in logistics, compared to traditional explosives.

The development is a joint R&D project with a larger Asian based operating company.