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We invent, develop and build technologies for the energy industry

We are designing several downhole heating systems, and have built up competencies around the various relevant heating technologies and how they may best be implemented in wellbore and subsea applications.

Our largest system, which will be deployed by coiled tubing for outside casing shale barrier creation, will be for well abandonment as well as for new wells where sustained casing pressure is a concern. This system will output up to 400 deg. C (750 dg. F), which will heat up the casing and the near wellbore area.

In addition we are building downhole well completion deployed systems for subsea wells.

Smaller and much smaller systems are also being developed, where these will be for produced fluid heating, wax removal and prevention, bismuth alloy placement, etc.

Contact us to learn more, if you see that your operations can benefit from elevating the temperate of your downhole or subsea flowing fluids. We are great at designing and delivering solutions that fit!