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We invent, develop and build technologies for the energy industry


Aarbakke Innovation are developing a number of new technologies, where our focus is the energy industry.

This web site will be continuously updated, where we will place information, animations, product sheets, etc., here.

Our main web site is here

Well abandonment

To help the oil and gas exploitation industry to substantially lower the cost of plug and abandonment (P&A), we have 3 electric wireline (alt. e-line coiled tubing) tools in development:

The MicroTubeRemover Tool - Wellbore tubing cannot be left permanently in the ground if there are micro tubes (control lines, cables, etc.) mounted externally, simply because a proper permanent seal is not possible to achieve externally or internally in these tubes/cables. This new tool will locate and remove control lines and cables from a downhole tubing, so that the tubing may be permanently cemented and left in the wellbore

The Annuli Barrier Verification Tool - So called Cement Bond Log (CBL) tools cannot provide any verification if an annular cement barrier is a possible leak path. Therefore we invented a tool that can provide that info, so that permanent abandonment of wells with verified barriers is possible. The tool shall be used to penetrate and pressure test an annulus, to verify that the barrier is in place. Any leaks will be detected and measured, where the tool shall be further enabled to place new barrier material where required.

The Dual Counter-rotating Cutter Tool will be able to penetrate any wellbore obstruction, such as for example a wellbore collapse, a temporary barrier that cannot be removed by conventional tools, etc.


Umbilical operated and controlled underground drilling system - Remove drill pipes!

Ultra NoDig (TM) / PipeCrawl (TM) / UmbiliDrill

We are developing a new drilling system and method, where we replace drill pipe with a long spoolable umbilical ("cable"), where the weight on drill bit, pull on umbilical downhole and transport in and out of the wellbore is performed by our own traction system. The developed has a longer term target of drilling extreme length subsea wells with a small vessel using a seabed (vertical to slanted) injector/BOP system, but will be completed and commercialized in several milestones:

I. Ultra NoDig (TM) - Shall drill and "case" while drilling shallow underground conduits for infrastructure (cables, water, sewage, remote heating, etc.). Shall also drill land-to-seabed conduits for cables, etc.

II. PipeCrawl (TM) - Shall use the propulsion modules developed for Ultra NoDig (TM) to perform interventions in live pipelines and (stiff/flexible) risers for hydrate removal, wax removal, leakage detection and sealing, inspection, plugging, rust removal, etc. Contact us to get access to animation and video of this technology.

III. UmbiliDrill Onshore - Shall create wellbores for oil and gas production, geothermal energy production, scientific drilling, and more. Will enable new ways of drilling geothermal wells that will provide significant energy efficiency improvements and remove the need for fracking. Can also be used to connect remote oil and gas reservoirs with existing producing fields.

UmbiliDrill Offshore - Will be used to perform through tubing extended drilling and create new laterals, from existing surface platforms.

UmbiliDrill Subsea - Shall drill new subsea wells, plus new wellbore sections connecting to already existing wells. Tap reservoir areas unreachable by standard methods, and connect remote pockets to existing production facilities.